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Clogged Drain

How To Clear Clogged Drains Quickly & Safely

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You may run across a clogged drain more than once in your lifetime, and mostly they’re just aggravating tasks that you want to be rid of, quickly. We can provide you with some needed techniques to try on your own, and of course, if you absolutely needs us, we’re on standby. At Rocket Plumbing in Niles, IL we want you to have the handy plumbing secrets you might not get elsewhere. And what’s better than a simple DIY to fix the problem? It won’t even cost you a dime! Or, if you’d prefer to hand this off to an expert, contact us now!

Drain Repair Niles IL

Plumbing Techniques to Unclog a Drain your Niles, IL home

  • Contrary to what you may have heard, liquid chemicals can carry the potential of eroding and damaging your pipes, depending on the type you use. It may been increasingly dangerous when you mix over-the-counter supplies. Try to avoid these clearing agents.
  • Plungers are extremely helpful & effective in safely clearing minor single-pipe clogs. A professional’s tip is to pour boiling water down the drain and let it sit to cool prior to plunging the clogged drain. Boiling water helps to dissolve stubborn clogs, but be cautious as boiling water can cause serious burns. For proper plunger use, secure it by creating a seal directly over the drain; push down on the plunger and then allow it to pop back up, naturally. Try this several times before moving to another attempt.
  • Consider purchasing a drain snake, also called a drain auger, from your local hardware store. These are some of the most cost effective tools in help to remove stubborn clogs from drains. A snake is long flexible cable with a handle on the end, available in manual or motorized models. You can try clearing the clog by sticking a snake directly into the drain itself. Or, if that doesn’t work, it may also be helpful to put the snake directly into the pipes under the sink. However, if this becomes troublesome, we recommend just contacting Rocket Plumbing prior to opening the pipes to avoid damage to your plumbing.

When you’ve attempted clearing the clog in more than one way, still to no avail, it’s time to contact a handy plumber in Niles, IL. Clearing agents don’t always work, and snakes can be a tricky task to tackle alone. Rocket Plumbing provides needed 24/7, emergency plumbing services to Niles, IL. Contact Us today at (847) 850-0899. We respond quickly, and will come prepared for any situation.