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Garbage Disposal

A Good Disposal is a Great Investment

Most people view their home’s plumbing as a series of pipes, fixtures, and drains. What most people don’t realize that a home’s plumbing system is actually a single complex machine made up of pipes, fixtures, and drains. The system has several purposes:

Provide clean water upon demand

Heat a portion of the water

Provide heated water upon demand

Safely remove waste water

Protect the home’s air-quality from waste gases (nobody ever guesses this one)

A Good Garbage Disposal is a Great Investment!  And, when your garbage disposal starts having problems, it’s time to contact Rocket Plumbing of Niles! Regardless if you need service or a new garbage disposal installed, Rocket Plumbing is highly regarded as the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area’s finest plumbing company providing top-notch plumbing services and products to area residents. Contact us today in Niles, IL at (847) 850-0899!

The plumbing system consists of all sorts of pipes, fixtures, drains and even the garbage disposal! What most people may not know is a home’s plumbing system is actually a complex machine made up of all of those components. The plumbing system has several purposes, which consist of:

  • Providing clean water upon demand.
  • Heat a portion of the water as needed.
  • Provide heated water upon demand.
  • Safely remove waste water.
  • Protect the home’s air-quality from waste gases.

Furthermore, when something is not operating properly in within the plumbing system, it is probably time to contact plumbing professionals like Rocket Plumbing.

What does all of this have to do with Garbage Disposals?

It has everything to do with garbage disposals. Because a good garbage disposal guarantees the correct breakdown of waste to protect against blockage of the mainline. If not, particle buildup will gradually result in a serious clog in the mainline.  Then, it may possibly turn into a big problem with a big price tag.

A properly installed high-quality garbage disposal can potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars down the road!  A quality garbage disposal installed will end up being a great investment for your home!

With a poorly functioning garbage disposal, it can result in a major clog  or even damage the mainline. This is why, it is vital to have a skilled plumber install a quality garbage disposal.

Rocket Plumbing carries In-Sink Erators, too! Contact us today for expert, reliable, and prompt emergency plumbing services 24/7 at (847) 850-0899!